At THEOLDCOMPANY, we don’t regard making a website as a single assignment, but rather a lifelong commitment. A website needs to be treated in the same way that anyone takes care of their business, health, house, or car. Launching a website is not the only task the next step would be its maintenance, and if ignored then your website is only nearing towards inactivity. We provide website maintenance programs to ensure that your website is always updated and secured so that it would not be a challenge for your business growth.

monthly per website
monthly per website
monthly per website
Billing FrequencyYearlyYearlyYearly
Security Strengthening Measures to Safeguard Website from Hacking Activities

Proactive Intervention and Support in the Event of Website Hacking
Fix broken links
Updating WordPress's core, themes and plugins
Restore backup when required
Website Content Updates
(web pages contents and images updates)

10 hours yearly

20 hours yearly

Terms & Conditions for Website Maintenance

  • You will need to purchase a maintenance package for each website you want us to maintain.
  • Premium themes and plugins are not included in the purchase or renew or upgrade costs.
  • Any unused hours for the website content updates cannot be carried over to the next year.
  • All content provided by the client.
  • Copywriting, stock images and graphic design are available at an additional fee.

The above website maintenance plans are applicable to WordPress websites without eCommerce system.
If you have an eCommerce website, please provide us information about your eCommerce website and your requirements so that we can make you an individual offer. Contact us now >>


Increased Security
Updating WordPress’s core, plugins, and themes can improve security by patching vulnerabilities released by the developer on a regular basis and strengthening your system from hacking attacks.
Keeping your site updated is one of the most important ways to reduce the risk of it being hacked or compromised!

Repair Bugs
WordPress, plugins and themes regularly release new versions to update the software with new features and tools. When they release the latest upgrade, they typically have bugs or glitches in their system. The update will fix software bugs and errors and make it work at the highest level you intended.

Features and Functionality Improvements
Your software has new features and features that improve your website. Therefore, we recommend that you install the latest WordPress, plugins, or themes for full functionality.

Just as you update your mobile phone or computer operating system, you need to update WordPress, plugins, and themes.